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IT Consultancy

IT Consultancy is a partnership. A client and server relationship based on confidence, trust and commonsense. If you are in business and want the best from the IT resources available then I would encourage you to ring or contact me today. My role is to respond to and deliver what you would like to achieve. I begin by looking at systems in place and asking these types of questions. Can this system be improved and costs reduced? Is the system secure? What resources are available to reinforce the structure? There are a million questions one might raise. The question are important, the solutions, more so.

From the outset I make it clear, I certainly do not have all the answers. What I do have is the training and experience to provide an honest answer and positive recommendations. I take a scientific approach to finding solutions. This approach paves the way for better solutions in the long term. One thing I am absolutely certain of when I look around the Internet and critique webs, for example, is that there a lot of poor sites out there. And if the web is a refection of the network and database administration you have under your business you may not be in business for long. If your IT environment runs on egg shells it is vital it does not stay that way because in the long run it will cost you more and return less.

An intial consultation is free so you have nothing to lose and perhaps quite a bit to gain.

Web Design and Development

Web design and development is a complex area of the Internet. A web technically is a node on the Internet; a domain name mapped to an IP address. It is what is on that site of course that the domain owner is trying to communicate, which is where design and development come into play. A quick surf of web sites demonstrates that there are no rules or best practices to follow, particularly for design. So for me, my strategy is to design sites that communicate simply and clearly supported by a focus on SEO and Security.

Search Engines - SEO

Without question Google have nailed the search engine and as a consequence a significant chunk of the advertising market. They have also, because it is in their interest to do so, provided many resources to allow any competent developer the scope to optimise search engine results. When it comes to the area of SEO, there are two primary strategies to target good results. Allowing the web to stand on its merit with analysis done by +Google Analytics and of course buying AdWords, Google's revenue river. My primary approach is to let the web stand on its merit,tuning to +Google Analytics metrics and using AdWords as required.


Security of information on any website is critical. Not only do you have the responsibility of other peoples information, you also need to protect your intellectual property. There are a raft of areas relating to security which require development in most web projects. My approach is to use the best tools available to protect information. Also strategies may need to be put into practice to support security measures. With so many vectors for attack it is impossible to guarantee anything when it comes to security. In contrast doing nothing is just simply irresponsible.


If you would like to discuss your IT structure
or have some web design and development done - call me.

Remember, whether your interest is commercial, private, e‐commerce, educational – web sites really have no boundaries in regard categories. What they all have in common though is communication of information. Information can be written, photographic, illustrative, video, animated. The palette is rich and continuously changing. It is important that your web is an effective and efficient transmitter and receiver of data, and further that data integrity is maintained and secure.

If you would like more information please do not hesitate to Contact Me today.

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